Specialist Bookshop for Psychic Phenomena supplies, established in 1983 in the historic Main Street of Haworth.  Stocking hundreds of books on Dowsing, Clairvoyance, Healing, Reincarnation, Complementary Therapies, Astrology -   and lots more! 

A large range of Tarot Cards, Crystals, Essential Oils, Incenses, Runes, Pendulums, Celtic and Mythical Pendants.   
Tarot Card or Palmistry Readings most weekends.


Special Interest


We often have a selection of our of print tarot cards and specialist wicca and pagan books.

Crystals, Oils and Incense


We have a varied selection of Quartz Crystals and Gemstones ranging from individual small boxes at £2 up to larger specimens at over £100.  We also stock quality essential oils, incense sticks and loose incense for use with charcoal.


We don't limit ourselves to psychic books - we also have a selection of Haworth local history books and Brontë titles.



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Opening Hours:

Saturday and Sunday 11.00 - 16.00 throughout the year except Christmas Day.  Also open Bank Holidays and occasionally during school holidays.




Tarot Cards
Essential Oils

so much more!